Chats and crops are real time events that we have here on the site in our chat room. During a chat or crop there may be a theme or a task that you need to perform that usually deals with digital scrapbooking. Sometimes you will receive a mini kit or freebie to use for the task/theme. Sometimes you receive an attendance or posting bonus for attending or posting a finished layout.

If you look on the calendar, you will see the dates and times for different crops.

Mark down the time. Then on the date and time of the crop, go to the top of the page here, and click on the chat button. It will take you to a place where you sign in with your user ID and password.

Sign in, and make sure you are in the chats/crops chat room. When crop time comes , the host will give you the URL for any freebie the are providing and the password to unlock the freebie, as well as any rules he/she has for the crop.

Most of the time, there is a theme, and the kit goes along with that theme. The host will tell you that you have a set amount of time in order to do a layout using the kit they provided. They will give you the link to the gallery it goes in, and often times, you will get a bonus for posting a layout. Some people like to scrap while they are in the chat, others like to sit and chat for a while, then do a layout when the crop is over. Hope you decide to join one soon!