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Thread: Getting Started in the Gallery

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    Getting Started in the Gallery

    Our gallery is free for you to use to upload your digital scrapbooking layouts. You will need to register before you are allowed to upload your wonderful layout. While you may upload layouts made with products by any designer, we only allow direct links to Gotta Pixel products. Links off-site are not allowed (as of October 1, 2010).

    Some things to know before you upload

    Layouts must be under 200K in size, otherwise the gallery will not allow them to be uploaded. An average 600 x 600 pixel layout can be saved and be well under 200K in size without degrading the quality of the photo.

    If your image is larger than 600x600, our gallery software will automatically resize it to 600x600 pixels.

    We only allow 6 layouts to be uploaded in a 24 hour period.

    Uploading to the Gallery

    • Make sure you have registered and are logged in (look in the top right side of the screen and if you are logged in, it will show your user name).
    • Click on the link to the gallery.
    • If you are just uploading a normal layout, click the Upload Photos link that can be located in the right hand side of the navigation bar.
    • If you are wanting to upload a layout for a chat, challenge, crop, etc., find the appropriate gallery and then click the Upload Photos link.
    • Scroll down to where it says Select the photos you wish to upload from your computer:. Click one of the browse buttons and find the .jpg version of your layout.
    • If you have more than one layout to upload, go to the next browse button and pick you next layout. Do this until you have all your layouts or until there are no more browse buttons.
    • If you have more than one layout, scroll down and press the Upload/Submit.
    • If you have only one, enter in the default title you want for your image, and the description you want for the layout and press Upload/Submit.
    • The next page will show you a thumb of your layout/s and allow you to fill in more information. Fill in the information for each layout. Make sure you include credits for your layout. If you used elements created by someone, you should credit them, as it's respectful to the designer to give them credit.
    • In the keywords section enter in keywords about the layout. Try to put words in that describe the layout instead of just the title. Separate the words or phrases by commas. If you have used Gotta Pixel products, please enter the SKU, which is located under the Details section on the store's product page. This enables members to find your layout as an example of how a particular kit is used.
    • When you're done, press submit.. and you're done!
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