Here at Gotta Pixel, we have some great blinkies we would love for you to wear and share some love for our home of great scrappers and designers!

You will find individual designers blinkies located in each of their stores.
Please feel free to grab and "Wear" one of our fun blinkies in the your signature, and you may just find yourself the recipient of a RAK (Random Act of Kindness)from one of fabulous designers here at
Gotta Pixel!

Our site blinkies

Our 365 blinkie and our 365 GALLERY

Gallery Love

The easiest way to "grab" these is to:

*Right click on image
*Scroll down to properties
*Copy the "http" location, then go to your account settings
*In account settings, click on Edit Signature"
*You should see your current signature, and a text box to create/edit
*Click on the "Insert Image" icon (little picture box)located above your text box
*The pop up window will allow to now paste that "copied" http address into the field
*You can preview your signature before saving to adjust

You are also welcome to host these on your own photosharing program.
You will edit your signature the same, but use your own "http" address from your downloaded blinkie.

We hope you enjoy your time here and can't wait to see you wearing your Gotta Pixel LOVE!