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    I used to hand my P&S camera to my little nieces when they were about 3 or so. It was funny to see the stuff that they shot. There was some pretty good pics. They loved it too.

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    what a neat job to do for the kids! Sounds like a fun idea.

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    Got some great ideas here. Thanks.

    My cousin's 7 years old just got her first camera and her almost 6 year old is now begging too, but she'll have to wait until next year (First communion). Of course this results it a tantrum but after she calmed down, I let her take pictures with my camera. To her that was so awesome because that one was bigger than her sister's one. Hihi.
    I also insisted : put the strap around your neck and no running ! Ok had to repeat it a few time but apart from that I was quite surprised how quickly they picked up stuff.
    It does give a great different view on life ... that first afternoon a lot of "bottoms" and funny faces got snapped. LOL.

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    This is an awesome post. Thanks so much for sharing. This year I've had the pleasure of helping out the yearbook coordinator with our 5th grade yearbook club and will be taking over next year as coordinator. This has given me some great ideas on how to handle the 5th graders next year and what to teach them. Thanks again!

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    This is fun, I'll try to teach my nephew for this I have already gift him camera for children on his last birthday. Thanks for write this article, I am appreciate

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