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    Friday Night 8 pm EST Chat / {Slow} Speed Scrap

    Step #1 - Choose 2-5 photos. Place at least one in the bottom right corner of the page and the others grouped together near the top left corner.

    Step #2 - Choose at least 2 papers to layer to create your background.

    Step #3 - Add a vertical paper strip beneath the photos and at least one ribbon.

    Step #4 - Add at least 3 paper circles to your page.

    Step #5 - Use at least one tag or label element on your page.

    Step #6 - Create at least one clustering of elements on your page.

    Step #7 - Add any additional elements, journaling, or title work that you would like to your page. Save & you're finished!

    Layouts are due by 5 pm EST on Saturday, February 25, 2012!

    Tonight's Inspiration page by beancounter!

    Hi everyone!!

    Join me Friday night, February 24, 2012, at 8 pm EST in for a Chat / {Slow} Speed Scrap!

    You can join us in the chatroom from 8 pm - 9 pm or follow along in the forum, if you prefer!

    Layouts will be due by 5 pm EST on Saturday (2/25), so there is plenty of time to chat during the hour and scrap later!!

    Hope to see you there

    Connie Prince
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    2015 Word: Joy
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    Yay -- I'll be there!!

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    I'm ready, heading to the chat now if anyone is sitting here thinking "I'm bored, my husbands a butthead and I've got no one to talk to" .... you know....or something like that

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    I'm here in the forum... no butthead husbands in sight, but I do have a busy one year old. Can't scrap and chat, and watch her all at the same time! lol

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    Here's my page.

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    Here's mine... thanks for the speed scraps!

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    Here's my page! Still waiting for an apology from my butthead husband. Thanks Connie!!

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    Thanks for the fun chat!! Glad I could catch some of it. Here's mine:

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    Here is my layout

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    Here's mine....

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