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    general questions

    general questions

    1. how do u edit your post- dont see edit icon

    2. how do u post a p age in more than one gallery


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    Hi Zanthia, good questions!

    Editing your post is one of the biggest perks, I feel, about joining the Pixel Club! As soon as you join, you get that privilege. In the meantime if there is something you want to omit... you can pm any of us regulars and we can remove it for you. Otherwise, you'll just have to do 2 posts to get all the information in!

    2. Posting a page in more than one gallery?.... when you post your page into a Challenge gallery/or a Designers gallery... it will also automatically be posted in your own gallery. So it will be in 2 galleries automatically. If for whatever reason you want it to be in another one after that, you either have to reload it(post it again)... or if have a CT layout...that has to go into the Designers Gallery, but you did it for a challenge... Just copy and paste the Linked Image (it's under your profile pic), into the Challenge Thread area. The Linked Image will still show your layout in the Challenge Thread, and allow everyone to find it by clicking on the picture. (If you copy and paste just the image link, we won't be able to find it as easily, because clicking on it just brings the picture up, but not what gallery it is in.)

    Hope this helps!

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    I had the same question about editing I know.

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    Yep...exactly what Nancy said

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    Great explanations Nancy

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