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    For my digi things I first make 1 main folder- Karens indie there I do store then inside each kit has it's own folder- within each of those folders I take out all the fluff as I call it- ads,piracy, previews(why some designers have to put tons of previews in for other kits as well as a full size preview and smaller sized as well as each thing in it's own folder-sometimes into yet another folder)....anyways back to organizing- I keep like papers,word art, sketches/page ideas,fonts, and any other odds and end in their own folder- I also keep a folder for Christmas, Camping/Fishing, Halloween,Easter....

    Photos I label each folder so if I want to do say Jaysons 14th Birthday I can go right to that folder...I started dating then the event but that was too confusing so I'm going back to the event then date...

    You'll find a system that works...try several,like I have/am's waht ever you feel most comfortable with and works- as long as you're using what you have...and are enjoying the creating memories...


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    Lori, I know exactly what you mean. I haven't found a perfect way yet either, but than I don't think there is a perfect way LOL

    Here is what I do:
    Photos are all in the year they have been taken and than just organized by date. I tried writing down the even, but than that took to long, so I don't anymore LOL, but what I do it once I scrapped some photos, I type behind the date the word 'scrapped'. That I don''t look at them anymore when looking for photos.

    Page Kits:
    Once I downloaded my pages kits I put everything into one folder, all the paper and embellishments. Since I rarely use the alphabets that come with kits, I only keep them if I feel that I am going to use them at one time. I always keep the TOU's and the previews. I keep them in a folder I named 'Kits' and than by Store, if I like a specific designer and that designer uses more than one store, I keep my kits on a folder with the name of the Designer and than by the name of the kit. I add behind the name of the kit the abbreviations of the store the kit is sold at.

    This works best for me.


    Heike - CaScrappingGirl

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    I have spent most of the day Organizing just Gotta Pixel since most of my favorite designers are here!
    I decided to make one large preview for the store with all previews (some I need to get from store) I also made frlders for frames and photo masks, word art, scatters, alphas and templates. That is to!
    The pics I started with Fav's of daughter, Mudtrucking, family occasions, Holidays, pets.
    its something! I want to thank you all for the help.. any more ideas please post! 1 step at a time! =)

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    I forgot to mention early...I also post previews to Pinterest by designer, both owned and with a wish list. That is mostly to prevent me from re-buying a kit.

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    That is a good idea! I started a book today to prevent that as I did that 2x last I didnt think about doing that on pinterest!

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    I keep my photo's and scrapping stuff seperate.
    Photo's organized by year/month(/date sometimes). I try to tag the people in there using Windows Live Photo Gallery.
    My scrapping stuff I seperate kits and templates. The templates I have divided in folders by as many photo's go on the temp. I only put the TIFF file in that folder or the PSD file+JPEG file. But the key is that I can scroll thru it and see very easily I want to use. The templates are all named after at least the designer.
    I unzip my kits and put them into a general kit folder, naming each kit by designer and kit name. I also take a preview JPEG and put that into a special preview folder. I will tag those previews using again Windows Live Photo Gallery. I add the name of the designer, the store the designer sells at and if it's a themed kit I also add that. That way if I am doing challenges, I can very easily search through my preview folder by selecting Gotta Pixel: only GP kits show up. And I can keep selecting, for example easter: the results are now very limited to kits from GP with an easter theme.

    This system is still very new to me and it's not perfect yet since I haven't tagged the previews with all the right information. But I love it a lot! (Does mean I pretty much only scrap using 1 kit at a time and not using other odds and ends like different alpha's, date stamps, etc)

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    My picture folder contains over 17000 files. I organise my photos by subjects-family, animals, events, nature, travel, places.. Family are subdivided into my family side, DH's family, then divided again into which sibling family group. Animals - Horses, dogs etc are subdivided by year. My general folder has headings- garden, nature, sunsets, waterfalls etc. I do have a pretty good memory for which category I have filed to.
    from my little piece of heaven
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    What an interesting thread. It looks like we all have the same problem with organisation. Thankyou for all the great ideas.

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    Smally, welcome to GP.. yes it is tedious but I can tell you PLEASE BACK UP! I keep all zips under store on 2 HD's than extract from there, this way if I have a crashed HD I can get them. Youwill find that you will find your own way that is easier for you, but hearing everyone certainly can help you decide and experiment till you find what works for you!

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    I organize by Designer, I don't buy alot from other stores so I put an x in front of the other its so it pushes them to the end of the file. I do like the idea of a folder of kit previews, I am going to start doing that.

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