Important Update about Gotta Pixel -- Site Closing

Gotta Pixel started as a hobby, and turned into a passion. This was… is my baby. For 11 years, everything that I was and am revolved around this business. I have met so many incredible people along the way.  They have become a part of my life. I've celebrated births, weddings, life milestones, and recently mourned the loss of Michelle (Loofah) who was one of our original members.

A lot has changed.  The industry has changed.  I have changed. The introvert who was once content working from home turned into someone who is now helping to run a 20 year old dog supply company, heavily involved in her startup community and mentoring other businesses.

Because of these changes and some costly technology issues that required us to remove our forum and gallery, I have regretfully made the decision to close down Gotta Pixel.

I wanted to make sure that our members had a home to go to.  I have worked with Ginger in the past and have always respected the business she has built as well as the community that supported it.  I trust that she will take care of the legacy that has been created over the last 11 years.  Since many of the designers who are at Gotta Pixel area were already located at Ginger Scraps, I knew that it would be a perfect new home.

You can place an order until the end of December and have access to your downloads until the end of January.  The server will be shut down at the end of January. There will not be any more Daily Downloads or Pixel Club Exclusives added after 12/8/16.  No newsletters will go out after December 31, 2016. Unfortunately, do to the technical issues that we have had, the forum and gallery are lost and we are not able to get the information that was added.

If you have questions specifically about Gotta Pixel, please visit and we will be happy to answer them.  Please understand, because we want to make sure you get the question to your answer, we will not be responding here on Facebook.  The help desk is the best way to communicate your needs.

Otherwise Ginger and her team can help you get to know Ginger Scraps and all the wonderful thing it has to offer. 
You can find more information about Ginger Scraps here.

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Jen C. Designs (to be determined)

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All products offered through our store are digital products, which you will receive as a download.  Products are not shipped.

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